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Whether you want the most modern profile for your produce, or the most manageable, Carlson AirFlo has the design to fit your needs. AirFlo has been the leading innovator in produce case inserts for over 30 years, providing the highest quality product on the market. Our products help you increase your profits by increasing sales, reducing shrink, and merchandising produce with the greatest possible effectiveness and efficiency.

One of the features that sets our products apart from the others is our Anodized Aluminum finished product. Aluminum by nature is a great conductor of temperature. Combine that with the hundreds of perforations in each of our products, and you get the very best temperature control for your produce. You can be sure that each spot in your case is getting the same air flow, and consequently holds the same temperature. By anodizing these products, we are assuring you that rust will not form in these damp environments, which assures your customers that you are presenting the freshest products.

Please take a look at the Carlson AirFlo website, browse through our offerings, and let us know if you have any questions. Our contact information again is:

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