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Wanzl North America

Mid-Atlantic Retail Solutions is proud to offer Wanzl North America products to the retail community. Wanzl North America (formerly Technibilt), based in Newton, North Carolina, has been North America’s leading manufacturer of shopping carts since 1946. In 2012, Technibilt joined the Wanzl family with the following goal: to enhance customers' shopping experience through superior design, product innovation and customer service.

In conjunction with Wanzl North America, Mid-Atlantic Retail Solutions can offer a wide range of shopping cart models and sizes. With nearly 30 models of shopping carts, we can offer a standard cart to fit nearly every retail environment or opportunity. We can find a model to fit most any dimensional requirements that a retailer can ask for. We also have one of the most extensive lines of Express carts, which work great with smaller stores, or compliment full-size carts in larger stores.

We are also able to offer our TECH-SEAL ® finish on our shopping carts, which is another innovation offered exclusively by Wanzl North America. TECH-SEAL ® was designed by Wanzl North America to be an attractive and durable replacement for the chrome finish. TECH-SEAL's ® most favorable property is its corrosion resistance, which begins with a zinc phosphate coating, followed by a chromic sealer, then a coating of cathodic primer. It concludes with a top-coating mixture of polyester and Teflon, which ensures resistance to water, humidity, salt, and UV rays, extreme ambient temperatures, and flexing. We are so sure of this finish, that we offer a 3-year warranty against the spread of corrosion on our carts. Most carts on the market, even plastic carts (with chrome frames), are only able to offer 1-year warranty.

Please take a look at the Wanzl North America website, browse through our models, and let us know if you have any questions. Our contact information again is:

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